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3 different ways

You will have to publish the site in order to see how it works. Below are a few different ways to achieve reactivity in Webflow. These are only simple examples, anything here can be extended to do even more. We could make a user sign up first in order to vote and then only allow them to vote once. We could save votes to a database and dynamically render the results. Or even create an input form that will let users create their own polls.

Method 1: Svelte

A simple Svelte component that is mounted to the page. Svelte is a js compiler which makes it the fastest performant app out of the list as it doesn't require to import an entire library to work. The file that runs the poll is 8kb is size.

25 lines of code to achieve

Method 2: Vue

Vue was a little more polluted than Svelte (still cleaner than React though). It required some more code to work the same way. The compiled file is 52kb.

80 lines of code to achieve

Method 3: jQuery

jQuery certainly took the longest and will be the most difficult to maintain or modify. We can achieve the same end result, but at the cost of more time.

100 lines of code to achieve
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